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Do you know how much €15 in 1999 is today?
With Oldmoney you can calculate it now. Enter the amount you want to calculate and choose from when to when. That's how much it was worth today!

About Oldmoney

Oldmoney calculates how much money from the past is worth in modern-day euros. Was it a good investment? Inflation is known to erode the value of money, but Oldmoney calculates what old money is worth today. Write an amount and choose the year and see immediately what that amount of money is worth today. All figures are based on official sources (read more).

We hope you get your questions answered and enjoy the Oldmoney calculator!

Who are we?

Oldmoney is developed by the brothers William and Oskar Herrik Nielsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. We got the idea on a vacation to Amsterdam, when we discussed how much a gouda cheese would have twenty years ago? We found the answer through our calculator - Oldmoney.

Press and crediting

Link attribution required is required for all use of data and calculations obtained through Oldmoney. Please credit both text (Oldmoney) and link (https://oldmoney.dk).


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