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Do you know how much €15 in 1999 is today?
With Oldmoney you can calculate it now. Enter the amount you want to calculate and choose from when to when. That's how much it was worth today!

Welcome to Oldmoney!

Oldmoney calculates how much money from the past is worth in modern-day euros. Was it a good investment? Inflation is known to erode the value of money, but Oldmoney calculates what old money is worth today. Write an amount and choose the year and see immediately what that amount of money is worth today. All figures are based on official sources (read more).

We hope you get your questions answered and enjoy the Oldmoney calculator!

How does it work?

The changes in the value of the euro can be evaluated in several ways - inflation is probably the most popular.

Oldmoney calculates the change in price through the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), which illustrates the price trend for the most common goods and services among European households. The result reflect the current price level compared to previous years. Index 100 corresponds to the year 2005.

The free calculation tool uses yearly averages of official data from the European Central Bank.

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